Monday, January 03, 2005

Too Tight Shoes

So over the break I've been working at my old job a few hours a day. The person who replaced me quit at the beginning of December. Actually, she was the second replacement - the first one quit in October. (I left in August, so you get the picture.) It has been kind of nice to go back, mostly because everyone is very appreciative, and the extra money doesn't hurt. Plus they let me set my own hours.

But it's good in another way, too. I'm now really sure that law school was the right move. I loved my job - I did it for six years - but it was time to move on. And going back now is a little like putting on an old pair of shoes - a pair you loved, and wore every day, but now feels tight, constricting. So I hope they find a real replacement for me soon - one that will last more than six weeks. Someone who will find the shoes a great fit, and stay for a while.


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