Saturday, August 27, 2005

Two weeks down

Well, I've survived the first two weeks of 2L. For those of you starting your 1L year, based on my own experience, 2L is better. For one thing, you get to choose your own classes (with some required ones, but you can at least choose the time), so you can in effect select your own workload. The professors don't seem intent on scaring you to death the first week - if anything, they took it easy on us the first week and then increased the pressure a bit after that. It seems a little strange to not have the same schedule as everyone else in my section - in fact, the only class I have with my first-year friends is the one required one. I confess I did succumb to some second-guessing because of this - but we do have different career goals, so it makes sense we would have different classes. Still, it's a little isolating, but also a good chance to make some new friends.

So, to all of you 1Ls out there, especially those of you returning to school after an absence - you can do it! You're going to be fine - you can figure out how to study and how to balance a real life as well. Do what works for you, no matter what other people say they are doing. And try to spend some time learning the "system" - who can help you in the administration, etc. - you might need these resources! And again, take my advice for whatever it's worth. Good luck!


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