Friday, January 05, 2007


Our financial aid disbursed, so today I got to go buy my books for the semester. Three books, $300. What a racket. It was a little sad knowing that this will be the last time I'll have to buy books (unless I eventually go back for an LLM in Tax). Of course, one class doesn't have books listed, and one has a book listed that hasn't been published yet, so it's not really the last time yet. We also took down all of the Christmas decorations, and that's always a little sad too. I did finally get curtains in my room, though (I had blinds that let most of the sun in.) and I'm very happy with them. I got the "blackout" lining, so NO light comes in to disturb my sleep! Of course, that means the sun doesn't wake me up, so that might be bad. I am really glad about the curtains, though, because my mom put up some motion sensitive lights outside that are sensitive to cars driving by, and shine into my room, so now they won't wake me up during the night. We are working on adjusting them, but you know how that is.

So, classes start Wednesday, and two professors have posted assignments. I'll probably be doing those on...Tuesday.


Anonymous Meg said...

Books are a racket, but as it was exlained to me recently - the bookstores themselves also make very littl money on the books. I have to wonder where all that money is going to.

10 January, 2007 22:23  

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