Sunday, January 16, 2005

Random Observations

Since this blog is mentioned in the "Weekly Law School roundup" at
  • Notes from the (Legal) Underground
  • I thought a new post was in order. (He has an interesting "podcast" this week.)

    First, to follow up on the all-day workshop - It wasn't as bad as I expected. One interesting observation: during Orientation in the fall, we were all good little students: promptly in our seats before each session was scheduled to begin. This time: not so much. We were too busy visiting with each other in the courtyard, comparing what we did over break, etc., so we were all about five minutes late to each session. Still, I like our writing professor, so I think it will end up being a very good class.

    All but one of our other classes have met, and they all promise to be interesting in their own ways. More on them later.

    Finally, grades are out. The funniest part is people trying to talk about grades without directly talking about them. It's a funny etiquette. Mostly people just say "I met my goals." or "I'm just happy I passed." Nice and vague.

    We start the fun of OCI this week, with resume drops for a few firms. It promises to be an interesting experience - mostly watching all of us Type-A types stress about font and paper type.


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