Friday, December 09, 2005

Finally free

Well, my last exam for the semester is over - yay! So now I can read non-law books, watch movies, watch trashy TV, and try to have some fun over the break. And try not to think about that I also need to write 20 more pages of my Note, and do some research for a professor (but I get paid for that, so that's not so bad).

I realized I never told you my schedule for next semester (if you care):

Con Law II
Community Property (chosen partly for the professor)
Estates and Trusts
Criminal Law
and of course, more work for Law Review.

The schedule is pretty good - still an 8 a.m. class most days, but NO classes on Friday! Yay! I'm sure I'll get lots of work done on Fridays - not!

Anyway, good luck to the rest of you still working on finals - it's almost over! You can do it - you'll be great!


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