Friday, April 14, 2006

Note Complete

I turned in the final version of my Note for Law Review yesterday. I feel like I should feel more relieved, but I'm just too tired. I have only just started outlining for class today, and its slow going. Finals start two weeks from Monday, and I have four, all closed book. What was I thinking? We have 1 1/2 weeks of class left, too - no week-long reading period for us in the Spring.

I had another job interview today - another part-time one for a small firm. I'm tired of trying to convince people I would really do a good job for them. I really hate interviews. And cover letters. And thank you notes. Plus, I wore my suit, and both attorneys were in T-shirts and jeans - and they said they dress that way all the time, except in court. I wish they had told us that in the job description, so we wouldn't all show up in suits and look foolish.

Anyway, Sunday is Easter, and promises much chocolate! Cadbury Creme Eggs - delish!


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