Sunday, September 24, 2006


When they say 3L is better than 2L, they aren't kidding. I feel much less stressed about school than I did at this point last year. Of course, that might be because I lack motivation to do much schoolwork - I've lost the fear I think. I don't worry as much about appearing unprepared in class - it's not life or death, for heaven's sake. (With the exception of the classes that do grade on class participation - those I do some work for). This might change around finals time, though.

I am stressed about finding a job, though. That isn't motivating me much at this point, either, but I'm sure it will.

What I really want to do is watch Battlestar Galactica all day (which I did yesterday - yay for Netflix), or just channel surf looking for bad movies. But I'll at least do some token work first, then goof off, then head to my sister's for a BBQ.



Blogger Zuska said...

i am so in the same boat. i decided not to go to class today. it's my daughter's bday, and i'd rather go shop for pretty wrapping paper. i keep saying i'm reading for classes TOMORROW, but instead, i'm commenting on blogs.

grey's anatomy is waiting for me at home. i'm goin' there super-soon.

25 September, 2006 10:08  

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