Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bad daughter

My mom's office is having a retirement party for her today. She lives in another city, but it is within driving distance. I did not go, because I didn't want to miss class. So am I a bad daughter, or a diligent student? I really hate to miss class, and I would have had to miss three classes, two of which only meet twice a week. My mom said she was okay with me not going but I can't help feeling a little guilty.

And on the scale of being a bad child, how does that compare with (nearly) forgetting my dad's birthday last semester because I was so focused on schoolwork? Keep in mind it was October, and that's the traditional 1L freak-out time.

Don't get the impression I only do school work - I'm actually more likely to slack off and watch TV during the week. Like "The Apprentice" tonight, for example. I have my priorities.


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