Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fantasy Law School?

I found out today, from another classmate, that apparently some of our classmates play a game in class that I can only analogize to Fantasy Football/Baseball/etc. They choose "teams" of people in the class, and then keep track of points based on class participation: such things as who volunteers, who says something irrelevant, who interrupts the professor, who gets interrupted by the professor, etc. They apparently keep an elaborate spreadsheet of this information. Last semester it was Contracts class, this semester it is apparently Property, but I haven't confirmed this. So my natural inclination is: "How can I skew the results?" I'm pretty sure I'm not on anyone's "team" because I do NOT volunteer in class (why ask for pain?), and I've only been called on once. So if I start volunteering, will I lose my free agent status? How can I get to the top of the rankings? It's all about hierarchy and rewards, right? Hmmm....


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