Thursday, March 03, 2005

Home sweet home

I blogged before about my mom's retirement party. As part of my parents' retirement plans, they have been planning to sell the house they have lived in for 25+ years - where all of us kids grew up. This is all fine in theory: it's a big house, much too big for just the two of them, they can move here and be close to the grandkids (my sister and brother both have kids). The reality, however, is different. They put the house on the market yesterday. It's strange to think of other people buying it - my parents had it built! And having them here in town will be different, too. They were only about an hour away before, but we still only saw them every other weekend or so. So our schedules will have to change - maybe I'm not that flexible? But, there is the benefit of home cooking.... that may outweigh the rest. Comments?


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