Sunday, September 04, 2005

OCI redux

So OCI time is upon us again. I only dropped for a few firms, all here in the same city. Career "Services" keeps encouraging us to "broaden our horizons" but I really don't want to go to [major metropolitan city] this summer. After graduation, if that's really the only place I can get a job, then fine. But for the summer? No way. CS just wants to pad their statistics, anyway. Why am I telling you all this? Because here's how they get you: other students. It seems like everyone else has dropped for dozens of firms, so I start second-guessing myself. You would think I would have learned from 1L not to compare myself so much, but old habits die hard. I have to keep reminding myself: You are doing what's right for you. So when I'm doing summer school again next year, I'll look back on this and laugh, right?


Blogger Zuska said...

I also limited myself to in-City firms. I have a family tagging along with me, and I'm not dragging the kids out of school or deserting them come May. For so long I was doing these firm selections and investigations in the privacy of my own living room, over the summer, with little contact with other students. When I got back to school and saw how Wow! *Everybody* is doing this! And their flexibility is definitely more than mine (since none of them have kids ... although several have a significant other). I started to feel intimidated!

We shall see!!

07 September, 2005 04:11  

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