Saturday, December 31, 2005

Most-Missed TV Series

(A post in which I reveal myself to be a total Sci-fi geek.)

The BBC put up it's list of the most missed TV series, and I couldn't resist putting up my own version. There list is here:, but I'll clip the list in case the link isn't permanent:

1. Star Trek
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Friends
4. Fawlty Towers
5. Blake's 7
6. The X-Files
7. Babylon 5
8. Stargate*
9. Seinfeld
10. The A-Team

My version:

1. Babylon 5 - the most consistently good and challenging sci-fi series, in my opinion. He started out with the idea of a 5-year arc, and managed to do it, despite having to change networks, and narrowly avoiding cancellation after year 4. The TV movies weren't as good, but the series was the best.
2. Star Trek (Original) - the BBC didn't differentiate, but I will.
3. Star Trek - The Next Generation - Two words: Jean-Luc Picard. Make it so, indeed.
4. ER - I know this is technically still on, but it hasn't been any good for a while - I miss the good old days.
5. War of the Worlds - I think I was one of the only ones who watched this, back in 1989-1990, but it was fun TV.


Blogger Brian D. said...

B5 was the best show ever. I actually remember War of the Worlds. Seemed kind of cheesy but that might be the patina of my failing memory recalling it. I'll agree with your list.

01 January, 2006 21:53  
Blogger Stare Decisis said...

Brian, yes, WOTW was cheesy, but that was part of the fun. But I really really miss B5.

02 January, 2006 09:54  

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