Sunday, October 15, 2006


I've signed up to take the MPRE in November, and attended the Bar-Bri review course this morning. It was moderately helpful. I'm not really stressed about the MPRE itself, which is probably a bad thing since I'm not motivated to study. So the Bar-Bri outline is a nice little condensed review for me. And the class was pretty good - it was a live lecturer, and he took the exam in August so has recent experience with what is on the exam. The substantive review was what you'd expect for 3 hours, and there weren't many exam tips, but it served the purpose for me. I took ethics during 1st year summer, so it's been awhile and I wanted a "live" review. I have no idea if this is what real Bar-Bri will be like, though...


Blogger Brian D. said...

All you need to know about the MPRE is to put about 3 days of honest study into it.

This is the one exam that should be farily common sensical. Don't think you can just pass it, but don't put too much effort into it. It isn't THAT hard.

Be well.

15 October, 2006 19:53  
Blogger Legal Quandary said...

If you can go through the BarBri CD and score decently, you'll do fine.

Realize that the actual exam will be a bit different, but don't let that throw you.

As Brian said - the MPRE isn't really that hard. Study and you'll do fine.

16 October, 2006 19:45  

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