Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I admit it - I'm a TV junkie. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there isn't much worth watching these days. So, another list:

What I'm Watching

How I Met Your Mother - not as funny as Friends, but it definitely has it's moments.
Project Runway - although after Jeffrey won this last one, I may not watch anymore
Battlestar Galactica - I can't say enough how much I like this show
Re-runs of Buffy and Angel - I missed these shows the first time around
The Daily Show
The Colbert Report - I have a serious crush on Stephen Colbert.
I love when he makes himself laugh at his own cleverness.

What I Wish I had watched from the beginning:
Heroes - I guess I'll wait for the DVD, or summer reruns (if they show them in order)
Daybreak - This seems like a clever premise

Shows I wish I hadn't bothered with:
The Nine
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Shows I wish hadn't been cancelled already
this is why I didn't watch Heroes: I was sure it would be cancelled as soon as I started liking it. Go figure.

I'm sure some of you agree and disagree with me: post in comments!


Blogger Andy said...

All I have to say is that Heroes is awesome, and that you should give Studio 60 more of a chance.

And, as far as being behind on Heroes, you can download the episodes on iTunes for $2 apiece. It's totally worth it.

29 November, 2006 10:13  
Anonymous Meg said...

I have recently gotten really into How I Met your Mother. It does have really good moments. I wish I could watch more, but my DVR gets full with Simpsons and South Park reruns too friggin fast for me to watch them all. :)

29 November, 2006 15:05  
Blogger Brian D. said...

BSG: best show on TV currently.

Heroes: haven't seen it yet, but Sci-Fi had a marathon of it tonight (Wednesday). Anything on NBC, Sci-Fi, USA be on the lookout for reruns on other channels since they're all owned by the same company.

How I Meet Your Mother: eh, funny but doesn't really do anything for me.

Studio 60: I like the people, but something is off on the show. It feels like SportsNight but is 30 minutes too long.

Buffy and Angel rule. Nice of TBS and USA to have morning reruns.

NCIS: gotta love my military CSI.

Veronica Mars: 2nd best show currently on.

29 November, 2006 20:38  
Blogger Stare Decisis said...

I forgot NCIS - I like Mark Harmon
And Veronica Mars - another one I wish I had given a chance at the beginning.

and How I Met Your Mother - I don't really like Ted, but I like the rest of them. And I think it's funny that Marshall is a law student, yet never does any work. Oh, I guess he's a 3L now, eh?

29 November, 2006 20:48  

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