Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I just love these confirmation hearings - I'm getting a hundred hits a day of people searching for Stare Decisis. A side effect I hadn't anticipated when I named this blog.

In other news, grades are in. And they are further proof that you just never know. The exam I thought I aced? Turned into a B. The one I had know idea if I even passed? An A. Go figure. So I did okay despite slacking a bit at the end of the semester. Not a good reward system for me.

Good luck to all the 1Ls getting their first grades. Remember - grades don't define you!

UPDATE: I'm actually #3 on the search results on Yahoo for "stare decisis" - cool!


Blogger E. McPan said...

Wait, wait! It's Saturday, so I can still officially delurk! :)

14 January, 2006 09:09  
Blogger Stare Decisis said...

Just under the wire! Thanks for delurking!

14 January, 2006 10:45  

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