Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Monday

I went bowling last night with my sister and her husband and my nephew - it was pretty fun. My nephew has an interesting technique - he just grabs the ball with both hands, scurries to the line and heaves the ball down the lane. They put the bumpers in the gutter so he wouldn't get any gutter balls, so that improved my game as well. Haha. But seriously, don't people know the proper bowling etiquette? Aren't you supposed to wait for the person in the lane next to you before you take your turn? We waited for the people on either side of us, but they acted as if we didn't exist. And they weren't all kids, either.

Anyway, contracts and con law for today - review, essays and some MBEs I guess. I made up a schedule for the rest of the week (which includes buying the Harry Potter book on Saturday. I'm giving it to my sister to read and she is instructed not to return it to me until after the bar exam.) If I follow the schedule, I'll have been through all of my outlines twice, and hopefully will finish the last of the MBEs in the PMBR red book. I guess I should look at the released questions, too. I need to at least outline some more essays, as well. It'll be a fun week!


Blogger Zuska said...

Oh! I'm also torn over the harry potter issue! My husband works in a kids' bookstore, and he's procuring it for me, but can't bring it home until Thursday night.

Damn the bar exam.

I'm seriously contemplating an all-nighter reading-fest on Saturday night.

Honestly, though, I can't afford that.

16 July, 2007 16:11  
Blogger Stare Decisis said...

I contemplated the all-nighter, too, but also decided I couldn't afford it.
Why couldn't the release date have been a week later? Then it could have been our reward!

16 July, 2007 17:13  

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