Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chatty Cathy Pt. II

Last week, the Property lecturer made an announcement at the beginning of the lecture to ask us not to talk to our seatmates during the lecture, unless it was really quickly and really quietly. That's fine, he really shouldn't have to tell us that. We didn't actually seem to have a problem with that except on the day we had a video lecture, when everyone acted like they were at the movies (but no cell phone calls at least). Anyway, what's funny about this announcement is that I didn't hear it, because I was...wait for it...talking to my seatmate. (We sit two to a table.). And when my friend at the table in front turned around to ask what he had said (she hadn't heard because she was talking to her seatmate), I had to tell her I didn't know, because I was talking. The person behind me told us. So of course, the four of us start laughing (because, you know, we didn't hear the announcement about not talking...). Not very disruptive, right?

Seriously, I do not normally talk during the lectures, but I could tell he was just doing announcements and we were just finishing up a conversation. The one and only time I ever had my name on the board in school (middle school) was for talking to a friend in class. After that I didn't get caught, I guess. I don't think I stopped talking (when the teacher wasn't anyway).

So anyway, the two people in front of me now use old fashioned IMing to talk. And by old-fashioned, I mean without computers. They keep a notebook open between them, and write back and forth. Ingenious. I hope they keep the notes to remember the experience by.


Blogger some guy said...

We got the 'no talking' lecture today, too. But it was from our student rep. Apparently Bar Bri has the authority to forcibly remove you from the room. I'd kind of like to see that just for fun because I need some fun these days.

Our property lecture was kind enough to tell us yesterday that she has a small bladder because she has given birth to four children which is why she runs out of the room at the break, but she's available for questions after she pees (or after class).

15 June, 2007 14:37  
Blogger Liney said...

We get shushed eventhough the video lectures are up so loud I think I'm losing my hearing. So we've also employed the notebook method. And then we have to crumple it up into a paperwad and throw it if we get multiple rows involved. I feel so middle school!

07 July, 2007 05:09  

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