Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol

Butterflyfish has admitted on her blog that she watches American Idol, and I'll admit I have been watching it this season. I don't watch every season, but this one has been pretty good (once Sanjaya went away). My guess is Jordin will win - she should, she is the better singer. Blake is the more interesting performer, and perhaps second is better anyway - he might be able to keep better control of his career. Still, I'll only watch the last few minutes of the results show - way too much filler and commercials for me. I need a Tivo or DVR.

I haven't really started the bar studying yet - Bar-Bri is a week from tomorrow. I've been reading, watching TV, shopping, going out with friends, that sort of thing. I have a job interview on Tuesday, so wish me luck!


Blogger Zuska said...

Good luck with the interview!!

My Barbri starts next Weds., and I'm not touching the stuff before then!

24 May, 2007 06:05  

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