Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring "Break"

Sorry for the long absence. School has been keeping me pretty busy - so much for it easing up as a 3L. Last week we got to buy our caps and gowns, and the graduation announcements. I need to send my Bar-Bri payment, and decide which PMBR I'm going to take. I'm leaning toward the 3-day at a minimum. (Thanks for the advice, Brian.)

So it's finally Spring Break, and I have plenty to do. I have two papers to research and start writing, I need to do the Character and Fitness report, and I have to prepare for a deposition in Pretrial Lit. The worst part of the depo is that a professor is playing the witness role, because the student who was assigned is no longer playing the role.

I should also get some more resumes and cover letters out - I have a few hot tips on firms that are hiring. All of this is complicated by problems with our home internet connection. And I need to find a dress to wear for graduation. And shoes.


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