Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Bar

I can't believe how early the bar anxiety starts. I'm not worrying about the studying (much) but about the administrative parts of it. So since this blog will likely be my bar study blog as well, I'll tell you all what I've been up to:

I pre-registered for Bar-Bri as a 1L (I know) so I'm all set except for the paying part. I did win a partial scholarship through the student section of the ABA, so if you are a 2L or 1L, the registration fee for that is worth it if you qualify for the Bar-Bri scholarship. I got the registration/course reservation form from Bar-Bri a couple of days ago, so all that's left is to send that back with the $2000 check, and wait for the big box o' books to arrive.

I started the process for a bar study loan - the lender I chose has a multi-step process - call for pre-approval, then send in the form (no online form, apparently), then school certification I'm guessing. Hopefully that will all go smoothly.

I'm debating whether to register for PMBR - I psych myself out on multiple choice tests, so I think more time prepping for the MBE would be worth it, but I'm not sure I can face more lectures. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

I'm trying to think of places where I can study - not at home, and not at the library. I'm considering camping out at a friend's house while they are at work/school. I can't trust my mom not to interrupt me, or myself not to "just turn on the TV for a few minutes" so I think I'll need to get out of the house.



Blogger Brian D. said...

YES take PMBR. If anything taking the practice tests make you get used to "how" they write the test and the subtle key words that make a ALMOST CORRECT answer the CORRECT answer.

I did the combined 6 day/3 day. A grind, yes, but well worth it in my opinion. During the actual Bar Exam I just floated through the MBE with plenty of free time at the end.

22 February, 2007 09:16  
Blogger Rayne of Terror said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week!

26 February, 2007 05:36  
Anonymous Meg said...

I'd like to know how long ago Brian took the MBE, actually. A friend of mine took the NY bar in July and the TX bar just this week and said the MBE got a lot worse - apparently they're changing the format because of the suit against PMBR last August.

I'm not sure if they will ever be as "guaranteed" as they were before.

02 March, 2007 03:22  
Blogger Brian D. said...

Meg, I took the MBE in Summer 2005 so not that long ago. Could the MBE and related classes change that much in 2 years? I doubt it since Black Letter Law is utlimately Black Letter Law.

I will admit that with enough practice I get a feel for multiple choice exams. Most of my classmates thought I was insane when I said the MBE was the easy part of the bar exam instead of the essays.

20 March, 2007 08:43  

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