Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hooray for Sci-Fi

the channel, that is. Cox changed our cable lineup to finally add the Sci-Fi Channel, so now I can watch Battlestar Galactica when everyone else does. My sister and I had been dependent on a friend of hers who had digital cable to tape it for us each week, so we could see it at least in the same week it was aired, rather than waiting for the DVD to come out at the end of the season. They also added Court TV. Naturally, they gave us no notice of the change, but that is another story. I'm such a TV junkie that I would happily pay for all of the digital channels, if I were rich. Or even gainfully employed.

On the Bar Exam front, I sent Bar-Bri my payment (expensive!), and I've started on the Character and Fitness paperwork. We have to list every job since age 18, which turns out to be 16 jobs for me. I held a lot of part-time moonlighting jobs while also working full-time during the days: retail, data entry, etc. So I'll be filling out forms for a few days. Not to mention trying to track down addresses and contact info for all of them.


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