Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Marathon, not a sprint

I don't think anyone who has not studied for the bar can truly appreciate the misery involved. I find that bar studying is invading my dreams (I dreamt of MBE questions on Secured Transactions. My brain could at least be helpful and help me with subjects that will actually be on the MBE). Even when I'm not studying, I think I should be, or I'm thinking of what I need to do next, etc. Although, sometimes I'm just deciding what coffee beverage to choose for the next day's class.

I gave up on riding the bus downtown - it took too long, and I got tired of dealing with other people. Seriously, my nerves are shot - I get annoyed at the slightest thing! I know it's stress, but I still am so edgy. I've been exercising, and trying to eat right. Maybe I should try meditation or yoga or something.


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