Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not a quitter

Okay, so you aren't rid of me yet.


My judge will be swearing me in as an official member of the bar next Thursday.  I'm excited, but also nervous.  After all, this is what this whole 3+ year process  has been about.  I won't be serving clients yet - hopefully next year at this time, assuming I find a job - but this is still the last step in becoming a lawyer.   My family will be there - my nephew has declared it to be an occaision that requires balloons.


One thing I have noticed while working at the court - if you get a bunch of lawyers in the room with a "new" lawyer - it's all bar stories.  It is a common denominator.


I'm sending good thoughts to all of you still waiting for bar results!


Blogger Brian D. said...

Your state does the swear in process all weird ;-)

Some would argue that not having to deal with clients for a year is a good thing!

Be sure to do the dance of joy once you're a real lawyer.

23 October, 2007 18:44  

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