Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yesterday after the MPRE several of us were standing around talking, and one of our professors came over to chat as well. He asked us why we were at school on such a nice Saturday, and we told him about the MPRE. This led to a discussion of ethics classes in general, and we tossed around some ideas for improving the way it's taught. One idea was to have small sections teach it - very small classes rather than large lectures. Another was proposed by the professor: have each professor in the core subjects teach part of the rules of professional responsiblity as well. He suggested that if the ethical issues were simply incorporated into hypotheticals regarding that subject, we might get a "real world" exposure to how the issues really arise in practice. He admitted the drawback was that the professors would have to talk to each other to be sure the coverage of the topic was complete. Personally, I liked my ethics class because it was so small (8 people) and because she let us watch movies. Summer school is the way to go, people!


Blogger pseudostoops said...

MOVIES? You got to watch MOVIES? I am so jealous. My ethics class was painful.

09 November, 2006 18:32  

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