Saturday, December 31, 2005

Most-Missed TV Series

(A post in which I reveal myself to be a total Sci-fi geek.)

The BBC put up it's list of the most missed TV series, and I couldn't resist putting up my own version. There list is here:, but I'll clip the list in case the link isn't permanent:

1. Star Trek
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Friends
4. Fawlty Towers
5. Blake's 7
6. The X-Files
7. Babylon 5
8. Stargate*
9. Seinfeld
10. The A-Team

My version:

1. Babylon 5 - the most consistently good and challenging sci-fi series, in my opinion. He started out with the idea of a 5-year arc, and managed to do it, despite having to change networks, and narrowly avoiding cancellation after year 4. The TV movies weren't as good, but the series was the best.
2. Star Trek (Original) - the BBC didn't differentiate, but I will.
3. Star Trek - The Next Generation - Two words: Jean-Luc Picard. Make it so, indeed.
4. ER - I know this is technically still on, but it hasn't been any good for a while - I miss the good old days.
5. War of the Worlds - I think I was one of the only ones who watched this, back in 1989-1990, but it was fun TV.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Blog-a-versary!

So it's been a whole year since I started this blog - hard to believe! Thanks to all of my loyal readers, and to those of you who stop by after searching for the definition for stare decisis. Everyone's welcome! Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

NORAD Tracks Santa 2005

Want to know where Santa is? Check out Norad's Santa Tracker - very fun. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc.!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Cookies

Today I helped my mom make about a million sugar cookies - the old fashioned, roll 'em out and frost 'em kind. My little 3-year-old nephew "helped" as well, which means he spent the time licking the icing off his fingers. So he has his own plate of cookies he decorated which no one else wants to eat because they contain some amount of toddler drool. He had a great time, though, so that's what counts. And we have lots of yummy cookies!

Monday, December 19, 2005


So, it's been almost a year since I started this blog, and I realize in going over past entries that I have spent a lot of time imitating the "blog voices" of others, and haven't let my true self shine through enough. So my resolution for this year is to find my own voice and let it show on this blog.

My purpose in starting the blog was to provide the kind of support for people in or thinking of going to law school that I was looking for when I was in the process of applying and starting law school. I found that support in many other blogs (look at the blogroll over there), but I felt I wanted to add my own voice to those voices.

I wanted people to know that it's possible to go back to school, even if you've been out of school for 10+ years, and even if you are already in some debt. Yes, it's possible to get even private loans if your credit isn't perfect. Will it cost you more in interest? Yes - so do whatever you can to get other types of funding. Will it mean you might have to move in with parents/roommates (if you don't have a significant other to help with your support)? Maybe, but maybe that price is worth it in the long run.

Will you have different interests than some of your classmates? Yes. Does that matter? Not at all. There are lots of interesting people in law school, as in life.

Is law school hard? Yes - otherwise everyone would be doing it. Is it impossible? NO - you can can do anything with enough determination.

So, I'll reveal a little more about myself to put this in context, while still trying for some anonymity. I don't think anyone from my school reads this anyway:

I'm at a small law school in the southwest. I had been out of college for 14 years before starting law school. I spent my time between college and law school working at mostly secretarial jobs, which were okay, but I always knew I wanted to go back to school. It took a lot of work - I studied for the LSAT on my own, and squeaked by with a good enough score to get in. I did make one mistake in applying: I should have applied to more than one school, just for the leverage in getting financial aid packages. But I got into the school I wanted to go to, so that worked out okay. Money has been tighter than I expected, but not unbearable. I worried about money before I went to school, so not much has changed.

Anyway, to all 10 or so of you who read this, thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you'll continue to stick around!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


This is so not fair - I have a cold. Um, classes are over! What good is it to get sick now? So, now's your chance to tell me your best home cure for a cold!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Finally free

Well, my last exam for the semester is over - yay! So now I can read non-law books, watch movies, watch trashy TV, and try to have some fun over the break. And try not to think about that I also need to write 20 more pages of my Note, and do some research for a professor (but I get paid for that, so that's not so bad).

I realized I never told you my schedule for next semester (if you care):

Con Law II
Community Property (chosen partly for the professor)
Estates and Trusts
Criminal Law
and of course, more work for Law Review.

The schedule is pretty good - still an 8 a.m. class most days, but NO classes on Friday! Yay! I'm sure I'll get lots of work done on Fridays - not!

Anyway, good luck to the rest of you still working on finals - it's almost over! You can do it - you'll be great!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One to go

So that's it, FIT is over. The exam was hard, but fair, as they say. If by fair you mean it tested what I expected him to test. I'm never sure how I did, though, especially with the mandatory curve. Anyway, on to Torts, then relative freedom until January!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

What part of "I need to study" don't you understand?

Legal Quandary has some advice for anyone who has a law student in their life here. She is so right.

As some of you might remember, I moved in with my parents recently, to save some money. This has worked out pretty well, aside from the fact that I am very used to running my own house and have my own ideas of how things should be done that differ from my mother's. That is a minor issue compared to the fact that they still fail to understand that when I say I need to study, I need to study all day. (Okay, not all day, but most of it - see previous entry.) Here's a case study: I have my first exam tomorrow - Evidence. So what did my parents decide to do? Put up the Christmas tree. Which is fine, they can do as they like, but then comes the inevitable: "Do you want to help?" Well, yes, I would love to help BUT I NEED TO STUDY! Of course I would rather drink eggnog, listen to carols and trim the tree. But I also would like to pass Evidence. So, in the interests of family harmony, I took 1/2 an hour break to help. And now another 15 to publish this entry.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent - good luck with exams, everyone!