Saturday, June 30, 2007

Practice practice practice

So I've been memorizing and flashcarding like mad, and doing the practice essays, but I've been skimping on the MBE questions, so I think that's what I should focus on this weekend. I also need to figure out my schedule for after Bar-Bri ends on Tuesday. And decide where I want to study. I'm thinking Starbucks in the morning, or the other coffee place I like, and the public library in the afternoon (it doesn't open until 10). And then home in the evening after dinner. And maybe I can fit in a walk at the indoor track as well.

It is supposed to be 113 on the 4th here - way too hot for me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Marathon, not a sprint

I don't think anyone who has not studied for the bar can truly appreciate the misery involved. I find that bar studying is invading my dreams (I dreamt of MBE questions on Secured Transactions. My brain could at least be helpful and help me with subjects that will actually be on the MBE). Even when I'm not studying, I think I should be, or I'm thinking of what I need to do next, etc. Although, sometimes I'm just deciding what coffee beverage to choose for the next day's class.

I gave up on riding the bus downtown - it took too long, and I got tired of dealing with other people. Seriously, my nerves are shot - I get annoyed at the slightest thing! I know it's stress, but I still am so edgy. I've been exercising, and trying to eat right. Maybe I should try meditation or yoga or something.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chatty Cathy Pt. II

Last week, the Property lecturer made an announcement at the beginning of the lecture to ask us not to talk to our seatmates during the lecture, unless it was really quickly and really quietly. That's fine, he really shouldn't have to tell us that. We didn't actually seem to have a problem with that except on the day we had a video lecture, when everyone acted like they were at the movies (but no cell phone calls at least). Anyway, what's funny about this announcement is that I didn't hear it, because I was...wait for it...talking to my seatmate. (We sit two to a table.). And when my friend at the table in front turned around to ask what he had said (she hadn't heard because she was talking to her seatmate), I had to tell her I didn't know, because I was talking. The person behind me told us. So of course, the four of us start laughing (because, you know, we didn't hear the announcement about not talking...). Not very disruptive, right?

Seriously, I do not normally talk during the lectures, but I could tell he was just doing announcements and we were just finishing up a conversation. The one and only time I ever had my name on the board in school (middle school) was for talking to a friend in class. After that I didn't get caught, I guess. I don't think I stopped talking (when the teacher wasn't anyway).

So anyway, the two people in front of me now use old fashioned IMing to talk. And by old-fashioned, I mean without computers. They keep a notebook open between them, and write back and forth. Ingenious. I hope they keep the notes to remember the experience by.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


We had the last part of our Property lecture today - yes, on a Saturday. 6 days of lecture is too much for me, and yet I feel the pressure of how little time we have to absorb so much information. Today was the first day I felt overwhelmed, but I think I'm just tired. I'm taking the rest of today off, and tomorrow morning I'll go run some errands, etc., before settling down to read what we are supposed to read for Monday.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I have been trying to follow the paced program for Bar-Bri. I am keeping up okay, although I haven't written the essays yet (only outlined), and I have added some of the PMBR MBE questions because the first few assignments seemed too short. I know, geek.

When I'm studying, I would rather be doing something else. When I'm not studying, I think I should be studying, and I come up with these ambitious goals for what I will accomplish by the end of the day. I'm hoping this is just a phase as I adjust to the schedule. I thought the paced program would help me not stress about what I should be doing, but it seems to be going too slowly to allow us to learn what we need to know. I guess I should trust the experts, eh?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Week 1

of Bar-Bri, that is. We only had two days of lecture today, and one of those was the "introductory" lecture. And so far the paced program has been pretty easy on us, but I'm sure to fall behind. Well, technically I'm already behind because I didn't write the community property essays that were assigned (I outlined them instead). I did take that class in law school at least. Next week we have 6 days of lectures. Seriously, Saturday classes - ick. So the plan for today is to make an effort on what we are supposed to do by Monday.

My nephew just called to say they want to take me out for lunch to celebrate getting a job - it's so funny now that he can talk on the phone like a grownup (he's 4 1/2). Then we are going to Target and he'll probably talk me into buying him a toy or a book. So homework will have to wait for this afternoon!

Oh, and grades are finally up - mine were the same as they have been every semester so far, and I'm happy with them. My ending GPA is exactly the same as my undergraduate one. Weird.