Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A job!

Remember the interview I went for on Tuesday? I got the job! I'll be clerking for a judge in the county juvenile court for a year. So that means after the bar I'll be closing down this blog. But you are stuck with me through the bar exam! Thanks for all of the good luck wishes!

How big is the Enterprise-D?

Bar-Bri starts tomorrow, so what am I doing? Wandering aimlessly around the internet. But look what I found!

Have you ever wondered how big the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation is? Wonder no more.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol

Butterflyfish has admitted on her blog that she watches American Idol, and I'll admit I have been watching it this season. I don't watch every season, but this one has been pretty good (once Sanjaya went away). My guess is Jordin will win - she should, she is the better singer. Blake is the more interesting performer, and perhaps second is better anyway - he might be able to keep better control of his career. Still, I'll only watch the last few minutes of the results show - way too much filler and commercials for me. I need a Tivo or DVR.

I haven't really started the bar studying yet - Bar-Bri is a week from tomorrow. I've been reading, watching TV, shopping, going out with friends, that sort of thing. I have a job interview on Tuesday, so wish me luck!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Location location location

They emailed us the other day to tell us where our Bar-Bri class would be held. The law school is undergoing renovation starting a few days ago, so the usual lecture halls aren't available. So our class will be downtown at some hotel. As if parking at the university weren't enough of a challenge, now everyone has to deal with downtown. I think I'll still take the bus, but we'll see if that lasts through 110 degree days. Anyway, the law library will also be closed, so the challenge now is to think of somewhere else to study. Home is pretty much out - too may interruptions from my mother, too much TV and too much internet. The regular university library is also out, and here's why: at the law library, you could spread your stuff out, and leave it at the table while you went to get a drink or use the restroom. At the main library, you're lucky if people don't steal your stuff while you're at the table. Yeah, pretty bad. So I'm thinking of the city library branch near my house, because it's usually deserted. Of course there's always the St*rbucks down the street, too.

Anyway, Bar-Bri doesn't start until the 31st, so I'm taking advantage by reading fiction and watching movies. And also: Battlestar Galactica marathon yesterday, today and tomorrow, and a Heroes marathon on Saturday - yay for SciFi Channel!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Graduation was fun yesterday, despite the 100 degree heat. My favorite professor was our chosen speaker, and he played the guitar and sang for us. Most of us had him for contracts our first year, and he played and sang for us then as part of a contract, so it was a nice personal touch. The crowd of family and friends seemed to enjoy it as well. I know my family whooped and cheered when I crossed the stage, but I didn't hear it - it was like I was in a bubble, just concentrating on not tripping! I remembered to turn toward the audience so they could get my picture, though.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

All Good Things...

I turned in my last paper, and took my last final today. I'm too tired to feel very elated, but I think some sleep will help with that. And the pile of "fun" reading I've been accumulating. And the movies from Netflix. And some solid TV watching days.

There are some things about law school I won't miss: gunners, worrying about being called on, indecipherable casebooks, uncertainty, worrying about money.

There are some things I will miss: understanding the reasoning behind a case, the student schedule, engaging faculty, fun fellow students.

Our caps and gowns and hoods came in today, and I have my graduation dress - tomorrow I head to the mall in search of some shoes to wear.

And I'm not thinking about the piles of BarBri and PMBR books sitting on my bedroom floor - nope, not at all!